Teenagers want to hear all the latest and greatest tunes played on a high quality system accompanied by a killer lightshow – DJ Dan knows how to rock a party!

Renegade…, Say So, Savage Love, WAP (Wings And Pizza – obvs) Show Me Your Azonto, Teach Me How to Dougie….?

It may not mean a great deal to parents, but teenagers know what they like, and they know how to party!

DJ Dan stays up to date with the latest chart music, also music from the Capital Xtra and Kiss FM playlists as well as TikTok songs (I remember when it was called Music.ly) all the internet novelty songs (Gummi Bear, Chocolate Rain, Peanut Butter Jelly, Harlem Shake)

All Teen Disco bookings automatically get DJ Dan’s Mega Laser Disco (full Sound System with the latest and greatest Pop Music, 4 multifunction LED Disco Lights, MultiColoured Lasers and Animated Tablecloth) with free Snow machine (Strobe Light and Smoke machine optional).

Whatever the musical taste – DJ Dan has it covered!

Current top-selling Parties

Party Upgrades

Prize Upgrade

A great prize for every child!


Big Disco Light Upgrade

Make the lightshow extra special with Dan’s Four Multifunction LED Lights and Multicoloured Lasers overhead bar.
*Please note the rope lights around the hall in the video above are not part of the lightshow.

UV Glow Upgrade

Everything in the Big Disco Upgrade PLUS the addition of and UV Lights which make Neon and White clothing and face paints Glow.


Performance Party

For 7 year olds and older. I bring my Karaoke set-up with Screen and Projector, up to 4 Simultaneous Microphones as well as Props and Dress-Up for an amazing Pop Star Experience in the second half of the party.